Thursday, September 6, 2012

Zion trip: Day 5

I think that Chloe looks a bit like what I have to look forward to when she is a teenager.  "Leave me alone mom! I don't want to get up yet!" 

Nate looked so sweet curled up on top of his sleeping bag in the corner.

Nate was up early and out exploring.

The college girls were headed out to do a short hike before heading back to school.  It was so fun to have them around!  Sometimes I think I'm still a college student... just with two kids.

We stopped to take a couple photos by a fun little "ghost town" of sorts where there were animals and such.  Mommy was too cheap to pay the $1 entrance fee because we were only going to be there a few minutes, so we just enjoyed watching the animals from the outside of the fence.

The road trip back was long and uneventful.  Quite a repeat of the few days before.  Chloe had a sore on the heel of one foot from where she got run over by Nate's truck the day we left so we were unable to put shoes on her during our stops.  As a result, her feet were incredibly dirty by the end of the trip and she thought it was really weird.  She couldn't stop looking at them.

 We were on the road for over 12 hours and in 4 states!  Its amazing how far only and inch and a half on a map can be!

This is a fun conglomeration of some of Chloe's different faces on the trip.

Sorry we didn't take any photos of Nathaniel Lee... but he was quite a trooper!


  1. Love love love the "time-out rock" hehe So fun! Loved the updates from each part of the trip and the pics are amazing. I'm thinking that I just might have to do that next year. :)

  2. Oh - and I really enjoy the new blog format. It is much easier for me to view and the videos work better.