Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Attic

I am a bargain shopper.  You can find some really great stuff at GoodWill.  Unfortunately, our closest one is in North Carson.  But, I have discovered a great thrift store in town called The Attic.  I headed there last Friday with the kids to look for some mugs for a project with our Married Couples Group and ended up with some other great finds.

 $1 for this easel  

$0.50 for this mini folding chair... great for our upcoming camping trip

$.25 for this little wooden stool.  A sanding job and a new paint job and it will be great for our upstairs bathroom.

I seriously am going to have to come here more often.  The kids were highly entertained with all the toys in the side yard.  They played here for over an hour!

I have to admit, even though the most expensive item, this easel was the best purchase!  The kids have had lots of fun playing with it so far.  And, it has two sides so there isn't a whole lot of fighting over who is playing with it.

Chloe had to come over to check out Nate's side.

And he wanted to see what was going on in her realm.


  1. Wow, did she write his name?!? Upside down, nonetheless...

  2. $1!!! That is ridiculously cheap! Go Emily!!