Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Side note: iPod

Who needs any iPod when you have Nate along? He would sing for hours about whatever came to his mind.  His Elmo song started to get old though after awhile.  This is the one we caught on tape.


  1. Nice espression or is it called intonation????in your singing, Nate Dogg! Was that 'walking in the clouds'? Or walking on the rocks? Ha Ha! Looks like he was enjoying chewing on the water mouth piece. LOVED the pics and news of your camping and hiking experience. Thanks so much for sharing. XXXXOOOO MOM

  2. He was actually singing "Walking Under Clouds". Some other favorites were "Walking on the Rocks" and "On the Way Down" - all potentially great song titles, if you ask me!

    1. He does have good pitch for a two year-old! I guess those voice lessons are paying off. :)

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