Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hiking and camping we go!

Last weekend we headed down to Sac for a quick weekend trip.  We first stopped off at Lover's Leap for a hike.  It was a beautiful day to hike although windy near the top.  You wouldn't have wanted to get blown off this peak, so we kept our distant from the edge.  Sorry I don't have the story on why this is called Lover's Leap... but I bet I could make something good up!

 We next drove further down the road towards Sacramento and set up camp at a campsite along the way.  There had been a mountain lion sighting there this summer, but it didn't scare us off!  First order of business: Set up the hammock and enjoy some lazy time! Yeah right.  Camping with (young) kids is way different... and yet still enjoyable!  We swung a few times and then headed down to the river to throw rocks in and play.

After a delicious frito pie dinner, we took a walk around the area collection firewood and then the boys went to work!  My boy scout-ish husband thought it would be fun to light a fire without any lighter fluid or matches.  So using just some dry leaves, twigs and the warm coals already left in the fire pit, he worked hard at starting our fire.

But with a lot of lung power (and of course his cute little helper sidekick) they got one started!

Our lovely campsite

Chloe was ready for s'mores

She had had her fill of dirt

The "Attic" chair definitely came in handy while our men stood watch over the blaze

And we got to roast marshmallows and put them on graham crackers with hershey's chocolate! "Check it out!" Nate says.  Chloe just wants it in her mouth. 

Pure deliciousness!  Joe and I probably made a parenting error with allowing our kids to consume one of these right before bedtime... but hey, we're camping!  We definitely paid for it when it took the kiddos ages to fall asleep.

Then for some reason I forgot that we live in Tahoe and that it gets cold.  You would think I would remember this after almost 3 years.  Oh well.  I had forgotten sweatshirts for myself and the kiddos and we were COLD the next morning as I had only packed summer clothes thinking of the Sacramento heat!  We found a beanie for Nate in the car and wrapped him in a sleeping bag.

We decided to forgo cooking breakfast there and just get on the road and to some warmer weather!  We put the kids in the hammock in a sleeping bag while we hurriedly packed up camp!

We ended up hitting up a Starbucks and heading to a local park to cook up our eggs and such.  I didn't take any pictures of it, but it was a beautiful park with a wonderful playground!  Then we were on to the zoo!!!  

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  1. Sounds like a fun-filled weekend trip. The pictures are awesome. Nate is obviously strutting the shirtless look. :)