Friday, September 28, 2012

Kitchen utensils

I thought I would share a few of my favorite kitchen knick knacks and also ones that I think I should add to my collection.  Bear in mind that I have a tiny kitchen space so anything that I do own, I use!

#1 Wine bottle stopper
 My father-in-law made this and we have put it to good use!  I love how original and beautiful it is.  This picture does not do it justice!

#2 Small manual scooper
 My mom got this for me a couple years ago and honestly, I don't know how I ever made cookies without it.  Well, I do remember, this just makes it SO MUCH easier!  I wish I'd had it 20 years ago when my sister and I had our cookie business going!  This also is fantastic and scooping out fruit from melons and such without having to cut the whole thing up in to bite-sized pieces.

#3 Olive oil sprayer
I'm sure this is not the correct technical term for this little baby.  I saw this at my sister-in-law's house and was immediately in love.  You just fill it with olive oil, pump it a few times and then spray!  Perfect for greasing pans and scrambled eggs!  It basically replaces Pam in my kitchen.

Now here are a couple things I need to just hunker down and purchase.

#1 Cheese slicer
My kids eat a lot of cheese.  So does my husband.  Pulling out the cutting board and knife every time is not the most time-efficient option.  This would make grilled cheese sandwiches even faster as well.  Yes my siblings and parents, I still like to have peanut butter on my grilled cheese. :)  

#2 Nut chopper

Since making my own granola and clif bars recently, I have realized the beauty in a nut chopper.  Try cutting up a bunch of pepitos on a cutting board and not getting them all over the table and floor and you'll understand.  

#3 Pastry hand mixer

I think I would make my own pie crusts, biscuits and other dough products more often if I had one of these bad boys.  I had one in New Zealand which was wonderful because you couldn't buy ready made pie crusts there and we had chicken pot pie once a week.  It just gets old to try to "cut in" the butter using two knives.  

I want to make sure you know though that I am so thankful.  I have far above and beyond what I need in my kitchen.  Can you imagine life without running water or having to stir a fire to cook your soup?  

But I'm curious, what is your favorite kitchen apparatus?  

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