Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tifney's shower

My dear friend Tifney delivered her baby a couple weeks ago.  It was actually the day we left for Zion National Park.  Two good friends of mine and I threw her a shower this past Sunday.  It was really fun and hopefully a blessing to Tif.

Here are a few pictures from the day.  Props to Erin Ebright for the gorgeous photos!

My first attempt at making raspberry filled chocolate cupcakes.  Not bad I might add.  I decorated them with the male symbol since she had a boy.  Finn Lee Spoelstra.   I also decorated with a baby picture each of Tifney, Josh and big sister Adley.  Kenna brought some daisies from her yard that she had put in blue food coloring to change their color.  

LOTS of babies! No I am not pregnant even though I look it in this photo.  

Erin and I made a "diaper cake" and one of the games was to try to guess how many diapers were used to make the cake.  


We had fun playing some "Baby Olympics"!  The first game was "Pin the sperm on the egg".  It was followed by the photo walk and drop, the "dirty diaper" candy guessing game and lastly the pacifier spitting contest.  :) Props to my hubs for drawing this uterus.  

The kiddos having fun

Chloe is the big kid now! I love this photo by the way of the 3 hostesses and Tifney and their little ones.  

We were all purty and stuff so we took a family photo.  


  1. Emily! That game is too funny! Yall are crazy! :)

  2. LOVE Chloe's dress. Sooo cute on her! (and why do you think you look pregnant? maybe I need to look closer?)

    1. I think my tummy is just hanging out... no biggy.