Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sunset viewing

We are big fans of going out down by the water to watch the sunset.  It may just be one of Nate's excuses for not wanting to go to bed... but it is still enjoyable.  Normally it is after the kids have had a bath and watched a bit of a video and are all PJed up.  There have not been very many clouds lately, but it is still fun to watch the sun go down behind the mountains.  This particular evening Joe was able to join us.

Nate loves sunsets and asks almost every night to go watch.

Chloe couldn't care less. :) "Whatever mom.  Its not that cool."


  1. hahaha I LOVE the facial expressions!

  2. And I LOVE their spit shined faces and recently washed and brushed hair. Almost slicked down. Brings back memories. It was sometimes the only time you curley headed kids had straight hair! XXXXOOOO Grammie