Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A reptile f(oe)riend

I am scared of snakes.  Yes, any type or kind.  It doesn't matter if it is ity-bity, I would rather come in contact with a bear.  I have never had any super scary encounters with snakes... although there was that one time I was laying beside my parents pool and a snake slithered right past in the water.  Or that time at my grandparents where we were exploring a nearby river and I almost stepped on one when crossing the river.  But anyway... I still have an unhealthy fear of snakes.

My son on the other hand does not.  He found a little garter snake the other day when we were playing outside near the water.  I told him "that's neat bud" while slowing backing away.  A cabin guest, Doug, on the other hand stopped and grabbed the snake and held it so Nate could touch it.  With no fear, Nate decided to hold it as well.

Yesterday, we found another (probably the same) snake in our back yard and Nate immediately says "Snake!" and runs over to try and catch it.  Now, I don't want him to have an unhealthy fear of snakes like me.. but I do want him to have a healthy fear!!

Anyway, later that day our fun activity was to play with some play-doh and of course what did Nate want to make.  Snakes.  Oh, and a big sandwich.


  1. Nate!!! On another non-snake note... where did you get his shoes in the first picture? They are so cute!

  2. Hand-me-downs from someone at church... like all the rest of his clothes. :) We are blessed.

  3. NOOOO! No snakes!
    - Auntie Katie

  4. Hey - that's the best kind of clothes/shoes! We love them here, too! :)