Monday, August 13, 2012

ZP Day Camp 2012

Today is the first monday this summer that is not the start to another week of day camp.  I am thankful for the great college summer staff that loved on the kiddos, that over 100 kids participated in this summers program and that my husband is still living at the end of it. :)  He was the camp director, program manager, musician, video and media guru, and transportation driver among other things while still carrying on his other programs and office duties!!! He is amazing.

Here are a few pictures from the summer.

To celebrate the end of day camp we had the counselors over to spend the night.  We made cookie dough and consumed it, the girls worked out to a zumba video, we jumped in the lake at midnight, and watched part of a movie.  (You'd think we were still in college or still in youth ministry!)

Then we made them a great breakfast of blueberry pancakes and omelets made to order in the morning! Here is the aftermath.

But it was so fun having these college kids around this summer... I will miss them.

It was a fun evening/morning... I was really tired but the kids were ecstatic to have daddy home that morning. :)

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  1. Way to go, Joe! I love Nate's face in the last picture - so happy! :)