Monday, July 30, 2012

Time with Auntie Mar

I have to say that when my sister comes out for a couple weeks in the summertime, it is seriously my favorite time of the summer.  My mom always says, "You need to be super grateful that you have a sister.  I never had one and always wanted one."  I am super grateful.  Mary is definitely a kindred spirit and we have a blast together.  She loves my kids and they adore her.  For someone who has never had her own children, she deals so well with the whininess of a two-year-old, constant busyness of feeding, changing, clothing, and playing with the kids and is a HUGE help and companion to me when Joe is busiest at work.

Here are just a few highlights of her visit....I may expound on some of these in later posts.

1) Sushi night with friends

2) Watching the sunset together after the kids have gone down... or so we thought

3) Biking to and playing at the beach

4) More time at the beach

5) Hike to Cascade Falls with some of Joe's summer staff

6) Painting the mud room on a whim with a makeshift ladder

7) Hiking nearby, around and eventually to Crater Lake

8) Slacklining with three under three

9) Competing in the Donner Summit Triathlon together

10) Completing some DIY pintrest projects

11) Getting some good Bible/journal time away together at Starbucks

12) Planning, grocery shopping and cooking some deliciousness

13) Hiking to Cave Rock to watch a glorious sunset

Thanks again Mar for coming out and playing with us this summer.  We miss you and love you heaps and heaps!!!!

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  1. definitely my FAVORITE time as well!!!! miss you guys heaps and heaps and wish I was there!!!!!

    -auntie Mar