Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Snack time

After nap time (or more like rest time for Nate theses days) the kids get some juice and a snack to share.   I wish I were more creative when it comes to snacks and also that my kids would eat things like carrots or cucumbers... but snack nap normally consists of peanut butter ritz crackers or craisens or cheez-its.

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Help me out here with some suggestions.  What do you give your kids to snack on?  


  1. Popcorn, cheese sticks, frozen go-gurt, cheerios... Andy likes carrots, cherry tomatoes, and apple slices... I also make them smoothies (yogurt, milk, and whatever fresh and frozen fruit I can find) when I feel like they need something nutritious.

  2. Thanks Mandy! That will help me broaden my snack horizons. :)