Tuesday, August 28, 2012

18 months

We have had the privilege of having Chloe in our family for 18 months now.  This girl is a hoot and keeps me laughing... probably when I shouldn't be.  She is feisty and holds her own quite well when wrestling and running around with her brother.  She loves to cuddle and gives tight squeezes! She is quite sociable and had at least a 10 minute "conversation" with a random stranger in the dining hall today.  She has a high pain tolerance and will be bleeding profusely, but still wants to get down and play.  She likes to hit her brother and look at me just to see what I will do about it.  She is very tactile and will touch every person in line when waiting in a check out line or for coffee at Starbucks.  She is super adventurous and will explore places around camp she has never been... with or without me.  She doesn't stop when I tell her to...yet!  She is tall and quick on her feet and most people think she must already be at least 2 years old even though she just turned one and a half.  Her smile melts my heart every day.  I love you dearly little Chlo-bug.

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