Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fun fall festival activities

Happy November 1st to you all!  Which means yesterday was Halloween.  I have solid Christian friends who are against doing anything to celebrate this holiday so before judging too quickly our choice to celebrate this holiday, read this post  Should I stay or should I go?  by Kevin East,  the man who married Joe and I .

Anyway, we like to do family themes and so this year we went with a royal Chinese ninja wise man theme.  We have some friends that live in China that sent the outfits for the kiddos when they were born and Joe and I just happened to have some other "asian-ish" get up in our fun skit bag from old Pine Cove days.

We first went to the Kahle Community Center for their kid-friendly celebration and got to play lots of game for fun little prizes like pencils and bouncy balls and gooey things.  I love that it wasn't all candy...cause I will be the one to eat it all.  We met up with our friends, Jim and Erin, and their two kiddos.  Props to Erin for the above photos.

They we headed to our friends, the Johnsons, house for some stone pizza and hordes of people stopping by trick-or-treating.  Apparently, their neighborhood is one of the top places to go for trick-or-treating.  We enjoyed some great food and friends there and then headed to stop #3.  

Lake Tahoe Christian Fellowship Church puts on a Fall Festival of sorts every year and so we met up with some of our Married Couple's Group friends to enjoy more games and fun. The kids had a blast and only went home with minimal candy.  

I have probably eaten half of it already today.  This is why I don't want them bringing any more chocolate, tootsie rolls and skittles into the home.  I'm headed to go work out.  

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  1. Looks like a fun time - love your family's costumes! Very creative! :)