Saturday, November 3, 2012


I pulled out this little bottle to use on some foul smelling something this week and with just one spray, I am thrown back into memories of my time in Peru.  Isn't it amazing how smells can do that?

I went on two mission trips to Peru with AweStar Ministries when I was in high school.  These trips changed my life.  The main evangelism tool that we used was a drama about a "King and a Good Prince" depicting the life of Christ.  (I was an evil knight.) We preformed this drama on street corners, market places, plaza de armas (The main center location in towns), up in villages that had never seen a white person, in schools and in prisons.  Then afterward we would explain the hidden meaning of the story and tell the viewers that Jesus wanted a relationship with every single one of us!  Then we would go out and talk one on one to the people who were interested and still remained and explain in further detail (with the help of an interpreter) and ask if they wanted to know Jesus personally.  Then we would give them information about the local church and take down their information for the missionaries who are there full-time.

I saw God work in MIRACULOUS ways that I had never seen before and have not seen since.  The Lord captured my heart while I was stinky and dirty in the beautiful country of Peru.

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  1. These are REALLY neat pics for me to see again! Memories! OK, I will as the question, will you answer? Who was the best Jesus, Jon or Chris? (Are they on your blog?!!!)