Monday, November 5, 2012


I am loving it that this girl likes to be girl and wear necklaces and bracelets and such.  Now you may think its because she sees her mommy wearing them, but that is most unlikely since I almost never wear jewelry these days.  We got out Nonnie's (Joe's late grandmother) costume jewelry the other day and let her at it.  So much fun to be had!  

She likes to put things on (as seen the following pictures with Daddy's hat and Mr. Potato Head's glasses) but only in her timing.  You can never really force her to do anything. 

But I can thankfully capture the moment quickly with the camera that comes on phones these days!

Just thought I'd give you a flash back picture to Nate the week before Chloe was born.  He enjoyed dressing up in Nonnie's necklaces too. :)  

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  1. What fun you guys are having there! I love to come online and get a grandkid fix by looking at your pics.....hugs and kisses from Grammie.