Saturday, November 3, 2012


I didn't use to be a huge fan of Autumn.  Probably for a couple of reasons.  Living in Texas, there is not much to fall except the temperature.  And I don't like cold weather so fall was just the promise of Winter.  But, I'm beginning to see lots of beauty in this season.  Living in Tahoe, we have LOTS of aspen groves that slowly change color into vibrant yellows with tinges of orange and red.  The sun is still shining most of the time and the crisp air is more inviting than discouraging.  I also don't dread winter quite as much.  The snow is so beautiful here and I just had to learn how to dress warmly.  It also means lots of long evenings by the fire with my hubs playing the guitar or cards and dancing with the kiddos.  I feel like Autumn holds so much promise and is a true testament to the faithfulness of our loving God of how He brings us beautifully through seasons of our lives in the changing of seasons on earth.

And what can I say, its just really beautiful.

Our for a walk at Nevada Beach

I just raked a week ago also

The view out my kitchen window

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