Monday, July 29, 2013

Tahoe Trek: Day 7!!!!

Home sweet home! We are on our way!!! We actually made the drive in great time and arrived in less than 8 hours.  It must be helpful to stop on the side of the road to pee and not switch drivers very often.  It also is a BEAUTIFUL drive on 395 passing Death Valley, Yosemite and other lovely lakes and landmarks.  The kids were ECSTATIC to be home and I was overjoyed to be back in the arms of my love.  Nate was seriously funny with pointing out different things to Auntie Mar like... "This is my front door! And this is my light switch! And those are my stairs!"  And for me, home is where my husband is.  Its good to be home.

 Singing "The Wheels on the Bus" with Auntie Rhi

The "Leestma" cousins

Amazing how its already in the 100's at 9:30 in the morning

Almost there!

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