Thursday, July 18, 2013

Austin, TX

We had a wonderful time in Austin with family and friends.  Joe got to stay for a few days before he flew back home to work.  He unfortunately caught strep throat and was sick the few days he was there, so that was a bummer... but we were still glad to have him around.  

Feeding the fish

Working some wood

Our date night the night before Joe leaves

How many grandkids can you spot in this picture?

My kids with both sets of grandparents.  So special. 

 I guess it wouldn't be Texas without snakes

A fun day at a splash park with friends

My dear friend Carey who had just given birth a couple weeks prior!

Cute kids

Precious baby Eliza

Fun in Texas in the summertime usually involves water

Chloe helping Levin on a computer game

Mac and Cheese, oh please?!?

Some delightful time away by myself for a coffee and walk thanks to my mother-in-law

Trampoline fun

The arrival of more cousins!! The Tom Daltons are in town!

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