Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Book Review: 90 Minutes in Heaven

"As he is driving home from a minister's conference, Baptist minister Don Piper collides with a semi-truck that crosses into his lane. He is pronounced dead at the scene. For the next 90 minutes, Piper experiences heaven where he is greeted by those who had influenced him spiritually. He hears beautiful music and feels true peace. Back on earth, a passing minister who had also been at the conference is led to pray for Don even though he knows the man is dead. Piper miraculously comes back to life and the bliss of heaven is replaced by a long and painful recovery. For years Piper kept his heavenly experience to himself. Finally, however, friends and family convinced him to share his remarkable story."

I don't know if you have heard of this story or read this story before, but it intrigued me... for probably just the first 3 chapters.  It wasn't that I didn't believe this guy's story... I truly believe he could have died and experienced heaven before returning to earth... but I think the book in itself focused almost completely on his recovery more so than his time in heaven.  Chapter 2 was the only chapter that talked about what he experienced or felt when he was in heaven and the rest talked about how horribly he was injured and how hard his recovery was.  I ended up biting the bullet and finishing this book, but I probably wouldn't recommend it.

It did stir my thoughts a bit to think of what it might be like when I pass on from this world and get to enter the Kingdom of glory prepared for me by my Lord and Savior.  I believe that we cannot comprehend or even imagine the joy, excitement and awe that is to come for those of us who stand fast in the faith till the end and cling to Jesus.

What do you think heaven will be like?

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