Friday, January 11, 2013

Vegas baby!

After Joe's Family Winter Holiday program, we skedaddled out of town and drove down to Las Vegas to visit Ben and Rhiannon.  The 8 hour drive was really not that bad... the most thankful I've been for Moby the Minivan yet!  We had a great time hanging out, seeing the sights, and celebrating the New Year!  Thanks Ben and Rhi for hosting us and loving on our kiddos!  Yay for having family close by (well, reachable by a one day's drive)!!!

Check out the photos for more details:

Goodbye Tahoe!



I think this is the first time I have ever put GLOVES in the GLOVEbox!!!

More smiles

First morning bringing gifts to Ben and Rhi!

Let me help you with that. :)

Off to the park to burn off some energy!

We got a date night thanks to Uncle Ben and Aunt Wee Wee.  We got to go see Les Mis (that I have been SUPER excited about seeing) and I got a big surprise that my hubs shaved off his beard for me!!!! He is such a handsome fellow!

The next day we headed out to Red Rocks and took a hike.... up to Turtlehead Peak that you see in the way background of this picture.

On our way up!

It was an incredibly beautiful day.  Yet still cold!  I started warming up though carrying Chloe and ascending... have no fear! :)

 Me and my cold girl!

 Pretty Mamma made it to the top at 7 months preggers.

Group shot with Vegas in the background

Both kids crashed on the way back down

I was just amazed by the colors of these rocks.  Amazing.

The hiking crew

Playing guessing games with Uncle Ben

New Years Eve delicious dinner

Lots of cards and cribbage

Cooling some champagne

We hit up the strip the next night.  It would have been a little too cray cray with children on New Years Eve.

The last time we were here was over 7 years ago when Joe and I were dating and on a road trip with friends... now we have two children.  Amazing how fast life can change! (by the way, thanks Rhi for a great photo!) 

I could sit and watch this for awhile.  

Inside the Bellagio.  I can't even describe all the things to look at inside this massive decorated room!

 The kiddos watching the train go by.

 In front of the ginormous tree and hanging bells and different colored poinsettias.

"Our parents are weird"

"But I guess we'll join 'em... its more fun that way"

 The volcano show in front of the Mirage. Nate was a little scared, but still entertained.
 Chloe was not impressed and did not want to watch.  But she knew exactly when it was over and turned around and clapped at the end of it.

I was impressed. 

So much visual overload!  This is where my grandparents stayed on their honeymoon years and years ago.

 The very tall balloon making man at Margaritaville.

The kids loved his creations and I loved that they were entertained while we were waiting for our table.

Great table right in the back of a fishing boat. :)

Chloe was intrigued by the dancer sliding down into a pool. 

 Hail Caesar!

 Donuts for breakfast before hitting the road.  Sure! Thanks dad. :)

It was a great trip and we can't wait to return!!!

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