Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas 2013

I'll let the pictures tell most of the story...

We had to wait till Chloe woke up in the morning to get the festivities started.  Nate played with our little nativity with Joe. 

We finally let him open one present since he was being so patient

Sleeping Beauty arises and we hit up the stockings

They had gotten to open a gift on Christmas Eve of matching Elmo PJs.  I got new PJ's as well. :)

They thought getting all these little fun trinkets was so much fun!

Matchbox cars mom!

New toothbrushes!

Yea right mom.  I'm not going to keep a flower in my hair. Dream on. 

Then breakfast was served!

Then we read the Christmas story out of the Jesus Storybook Bible and talked about the Greatest Gift of all time!

Then we got to open our gifts.  

Check out this nifty phone cover I got from my "secret santa".  

The house was quite a sight when it was all over.  Funny how sometimes the wrapping paper can be more fun than the gift!

Then we hit the slopes!!!!

This was the first time we have ever taken our kids skiing and they LOVED it!

Chloe was ready to get off the chairlift about 3/4 the way up, so I had to keep a good grip on her.  She actually kicked off a boot and ski right before we go to the top. 

This little man did awesome!  (and the big man actually)  Let me tell ya, it is WORK to ski holding a kid between your legs.  

Every time I stopped, Chloe would say, "more! more!"  And then as soon as I got going again... "WEEEEE!"

Good ole family fun!

After both kids took naps, we headed to the Spoelstras to celebrate Jesus' birthday! Sorry I don't have a picture of them blowing out the candles. 

Merry Christmas everyone from this Dalton fam! 

Next up: Our trip to Las Vegas!  (Can you tell I'm playing catch up this week?)

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  1. LOVE THESE!! the pjs, pics, kiddos, skiing, & everything!!! ;)

    Auntie Mar