Friday, February 1, 2013

Denver Get-away

I don't know why this is the first time I have done this (except for an overnighter with a friend in Reno once).  Oh right... I remember... its because I've always had a young nursing child.  But last weekend, I got away to meet up with my dear friend Carey, from Austin.  I met her and became fast friends when we lived in Austin for 6 months before moving here to Tahoe.  For some reason (and I thank Him often for it) the Lord chose to knit our hearts together.  We both had our first-borns 4 days apart and since then our second and now she is pregnant with the 3rd!  Anyway, this weekend was such a time of renewal and rejuvenation for me.  We are already planning for next year!!

Here are some photos from our escapades in the wonderful city of Denver.

Our little breakfast joint

We got sweet uninterrupted time everyday in the Word

Exploring the Civic Center with the Capitol building

Walking the downtown streets

We stumbled upon some Opera Auditions

Carey and I are both singers so we probably enjoyed this more than the normal person

We hit up a play that night that I had actually never seen and it was highly entertaining

Our hotel was right on 16th street which sparkeld with lights at night

After foot massages on the last day, I went swimming and we got to lay out!!! If you know me well, you know these both are a couple of my favorite things!

 I was excited to see my sweet family when I got back and they had left me a message on the fridge. 

 Joe had also bought me flowers...unfortunately, Chloe got to them only a couple days later and had some fun with the petals.  

Thank you Carey for sharing your heart and your life with me.  I am incredibly blessed by your friendship!

P.S.  You can check out Carey's wonderfully entertaining and inspiring blog at:

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