Sunday, October 28, 2012

Birthday boy #1

My little man turned 3 this month.  Grammie and Gramps were here to help celebrate.  We had a little party on the night of his birthday and a few of his friends and their families came over for dinner and cake.  We made it a "Dora" theme since Nate is on a Dora the Explorer kick.  "Swipper" (aka: my parents) took the cake and so we had to use the "map" to find it.  We had to go down the ramp to the Tallac Center, through the locked door, and down the elevator.  For those of you who are familiar with Dora, you will appreciate this.  The kids were DEVASTATED when they saw the cake was gone, but we quickly sang the "Map" song and some smiles returned.  Cake is a big deal at birthday parties.  :)

Anyway, it was a fun day!  Enjoy the pictures.


I accidentally put a 2 on the cake at first.... oops

 He's old enough to open his own presents this year

Serious business of blowing out the candles 

Fun with friends

Adley likes it

Chloe definitely likes it

My little 3 year old

Someone is a little upset that her cake is all gone

Jen and Ryan

Tifney and Fin

All the munchkins!  

The Sunzeri Family

My good lookin parents

Watching a "Happy birthday" video from Auntie Mar

Chloe playing with Gramps

Time for a diaper change?

Birthday party sucess

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