Thursday, August 8, 2013

Peter and Kim's visit

We had a wonderful time getting to hang out with Peter and Kimberly.  They had recently moved to Monterey for Pete to attend the Naval Post Graduate school there so I am excited to now have them as our closet family... only 5 hours away!!!

We got in some great beach time while they were here, Peter went bike riding with Joe, and oh course getting to celebrate the 4th with them.  I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Cascade Falls Hike

Me and my girl

Playing with Auntie Kim

Not a bad lunch spot

Nate lovin' on his Uncle

 The kid carriers

Post-hike ice cream! :)

Gotta hold that little ones hand... Nate is just going to climb a tree real fast

Headed to play tennis

Then a short walk out to Cave Rock to watch the sunset

Yep, there is Nate again clambering over the rocks.  And Auntie Mar and Auntie Kim at the top. 

The Ergo has seen MANY miles... especially since it was a hand-me-down from my sweet sister-in-law, Sarah, a mother of 4! :) 

I might or might not have accidentally put a plastic container in the oven. 

Headed out biking on the flume trail! Bummer that the Sienna doesn't come with an 8th seat option in the AWD.  

The girls went to the beach while the boys rode the trail

 Nate is always making new friends and just went over and sat down next to this elderly lady and started talking to her.  Love it . 

 Jumping off the rocks

Pete on the Flume Trail

Thanks for coming out to visit Peter Opp and Kimberly Nicole!  We loved having you and look forward to our next hang out.  You guys are awesome and I'm blessed to get to call you family.

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