Sunday, August 11, 2013

Auntie Mar and Jeff Jeff's visit

We got a couple days to hang out with Mary and do some fun things after Pete and Kim left, and then her boyfriend Jeff got to fly in for a week visit.  I'm not sure my kids know what normal life is anymore!?!  Anyway, we had a great time doing some of the normal things and then a couple little extras in between.

Get ready... there are a lot of photos!
Books with Auntie Mar

Mohawk Man

A quick date with my man

Horseback riding with Mary

Kids consuming some yummy summer watermelon

Painting Chloe's toe nails for the first time

Homemade ice cream and wood stain.  Not to be used together. :)

After picking up Jeff from the airport... a run for dinner to In and Out for me.  :) 

Chimney beach time

Catching some rays

Beautiful beach

Getting to go ride on the Rosner's boat

Chloe went into coma mode

Mary in chill mode

Nate LOVED it!

A fun bike ride on the Kahle loop

Nap time? Yeah right mom. 

Jeff graciously watched the kiddos for a couple hours so Mary and I could go to a clothing swap party

I had some good finds! :) 

Sweet kiddos holding hands in the car

They make me smile.  I mean, how can you not? 

Bath time!

Getting in PJ's and ready for bed

Cute pic

Its always a party when Auntie Mar comes to visit!  Thanks again for loving on my kiddos and me and helping us make it through the summer with the crazy hours Joe works.  The time went by way too fast and we miss having you around.  Until next time!!!

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