Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Other summer odds and ends

My little sweetie pies

A quick hug from daddy at lunch time

Our riding Kim's horses

A new look for the beach

Nap time? 

Making some art

Power nap with daddy

New shoes

 Friends from Carson come for a beach day

More time at the beach

Its a little cold

But still lots of fun

Warming up after going for a swim

Cave Rock with the staff to watch a sunset

Right on the edge....but holding a hand!

These three

Family shot

Then off to the Red Hut for ice cream... at 9pm.  We are excellent parents. :) 

Treating the staff to a treat! 

Baby Ryan's birthday party!

My kids up front and center to the cupcakes

"Happy birthday to you.."

Still enjoying her party favor and hat a couple days later

Joe leading worship for the day campers

Dinner with the summer staff

Going bowling

"Check out my score!!!... Wait..." as he accidentally turns the screen off

Our crazy summer staff

Us and Coach... or "Toach" as Chloe calls her

Speaking of....

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