Friday, May 3, 2013

Vegas sisters trip

My sisters and sister-in-laws and I got away for a fun trip to Las Vegas in April.  My sister-in-law Rhiannon, lives in Vegas and just had a baby the beginning of March.  I was SUPER excited about this trip as I obviously got to see and hang out with my sisters, but also cause I got 4 nights (yes FOUR) away from my lovely little ones.  It was a very nice break and honestly, some of my favorite time was getting up early every morning to read and journel and enjoy sweet fellowship with the Lord for hours without interruption.  Ahhh... so good for my soul.  

Ok, back to how we filled our days though. :)  I've got some amazing sisters that love adventure and so we packed it in with hiking and rock climbing and of course some good spa time and getting all dolled up to hit the town!  Check out the photos.  

Isaac Benjamin... 6 weeks old

Heading out to the crag in Red Rocks Canyon

Spa day at a Korean Spa.  Very similar to a Roman Bath but apparently the Koreans like to be naked.  It was quite a fun bonding experience.  

Then it was off to the strip.  Yes, Mary and I had brought basically the same "dress up" outfit.  Love it.  

Inside the Bellagio

The fire show

Inside the Venetian at approximately 11pm

Probably still my favorite part of Vegas, the water show at the Bellagio

We just couldn't get enough so the next day we headed back out to Red Rocks for more climbing (aka: tanning)

What a wonderful time hanging out with these beauties.  And of course Ben and Isaac. :)  

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