Tuesday, May 7, 2013

7 years and counting...

Joe and I had our 7th year anniversary last week.   I know, we were just teenagers when we got married. :) J/K  I sometimes just marvel that I get to be the wife of the mostly amazing, tender-hearted, loving, Godly, wise, generous, adventurous, wonderful man I know!  I am a blessed woman!

To celebrate our anniversary, Joe's mom came out to visit and take care of the kiddos and we got 3 WHOLE DAYS AND NIGHTS away together.  We had decided to go to the Mendocino Coast and just enjoy some down time and time with each other.  We had a blast talking about our wedding and bringing up memories from the past 7 years of marriage.

I'll let the gorgeous pictures from the weekend tell the story.

We stopped to take a picture on the railroad car that we took a picture on for our anniversary last year

Silly kids

We spent the first night at a camp outside of Truckee.

John (the director there) and Joe have become good friends and I was delighted to get to meet his wife and their two little girls.  

It was about a 6 hour drive to Mendocino so some great windshield time with my man

While we were driving through a national forest on our way into the coast, the road was lined with these beautiful flowering bushes.  

As soon as we got to our accommodations (a steal from Groupon!), we walked to the coast

It was pretty windy so we had to lay flat to stay warm

Spring was most definitely in the air!

This was probably my most favorite spot on that walk

That night drove a few minutes north to watch the sunset at the Ft. Cabrillo lighthouse

The next day we explored a blow hole at a nearby state park

Self-timer pictures can be fun... and funny

Seeing as how we were in wine country, we did a little wine tasting.  

Where we were staying had beautiful and abundant foliage and flowers! This wisteria smelled amazing.     

On the night of our anniversary, we got dressed up and went out to dinner, but still had time to check out the sunset on the Mendocino Headlands.  

I can't even describe to you the 50 mile an hour winds that were whipping through here at this point, but when we finally set up a contraption to keep the iPhone from blowing over, we were able to take a selfie... or a few. :)

Thank you Lord for letting me love and be loved in this wonderful marriage and may it be in glory and honor to You, the Creator of love!

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