Sunday, May 19, 2013

CBS Spring concert

Community Bible Study, the Bible Study down in Carson that I am a part of, has a "Kids Performance  at the end of the semester.  They had moved Chloe up to the 2 year old's class only a few weeks ago and allowed her to perform as well.  I thought all was going well as the kiddos lined up on stage until Chloe saw me and I waved and smiled big!  She put both hands out towards me and yelled "HOLD ME!"  with tears coming down her face.  I guess standing on stage in front of a lot of people is still a bit out of her comfort zone.  Nate did great though and after watching a few songs, Chloe wanted back up there as long as she could be next to Nate to sing the last song.  I can't believe my kiddos are already at this age of singing on stages... I'm so proud of my kiddos!

Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest.  I only had my phone and not a front row spot. :)  

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