Thursday, February 28, 2013

Deep South Vaca: Part 2

Caleb got to drive up to Atlanta with us for the day and we explored Stone Mountain Park.  

It was a bit chilly so we warmed up in the gift store

The next day we got to meet up with Celeste, a friend who used to work at Zephyr Point

Then that afternoon/evening was a great time of hanging out with 4 of the people that I went to New Zealand with on the AIM mission trip when Joe and I were engaged!  

We have since multiplied. :)

Here is the gang!  

Chloe had some awesome bedhead the next morning.  

 You never know what Nate is going to get up to during his "naptime".

He had a lot of fun organizing some cigars among other things in the Williams' guest bedroom.

I was super blessed to be able to stay with Amy "Vee" Williams.  She was one of my leaders in NZ and she is an inspiration to me.  She lives life to the fullest, loves Christ and others deeply and is fun to boot!  We had some great challenging conversations during our stay.  SO wish she and Michael lived closer. 

 Had to hit up a Krispy Kreme while we were in the area!

Come on dad! Can't you get it open faster!!!

We had donuts throughout the day.  But hey, we are on vacation!

We made a quick stop to check out the capitol building in Atlanta.  

Very beautiful.

On our way north, we drove through Dalton, Georgia.

 We also stopped and enjoyed some time at the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

Nate absolutely LOVED it!

Chloe had a good time as well!

I was very appreciative of the heat the railroad cars gave off. :)  

There is a lot of history here in the south folks.

"Watch me!!!"

A monument to the "Trail of tears".  Brings me back to history class growing up with my dad.  

We got one more chance to stretch our legs at a park right on the Tennessee river.

The view of Chattanooga from the military park on look out mountain.  

Onward to the Volunteer State! 

We stayed with my dear friends from college, Beccah and Dustin Baucom.  They now have a little baby, Elise!

This girl, my former roommate in college, is now a Surgeon in Nashville.  Yep, she's the reason I got A's in college. :) 

It was pretty cold outside, so we went and explored a Nature Reserve Museum.  Very fun and the kids loved it!  

The Baucom family!

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