Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The hunt

We took up the hunt again this year for the perfect Christmas tree.  Saturday morning after a "Pancakes with Santa" party at the local community center, we took our rope and saw and headed out.  After two stops of striking out with no decent trees and a stop for lunch, we ended up where we had gotten our tree last year.  We had a blast meandering through the forest, walking across fallen trees and searching for just the right tree.  The kids did AWESOME following along behind us and picking up sticks and throwing rocks and having a great time... even though it was the middle of their nap time.

I dare say we found quite a lovely tree. :)

On the hunt

Where is it?

What about that one!

Lets make a decision and do it!  (After MUCH waffling by Momma)

Helping daddy cut it down by pushing on it.

Come on mom!  You are taking forever!

Just a little big

Nate and Adley... together again after a long separation!

My phone then died at this point so there aren't any pictures of the tree cut down or what now.  But we had a great time!

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