Thursday, December 20, 2012

Advent calendar

I love advent calendars! Its fun to turn a different number over each day and see the progression of the nearness of Christmas day!  Ok, so I have a little bit of a "child's heart" in me.  We attended our church's kids christmas program this year at the beginning of December and this was the project.  We were not able to stay for the whole thing so we took our calendar makings to go!  We then spent two afternoons (while Chloe was sleeping) finishing it up.  

The neat thing about this calendar is that each day is a different name for Jesus.  Then, we were provided with a little devo of sorts to help explain each name to our kids.  There is a scripture to read, a small activity and simple questions for the littles.  Nate is at the perfect age for this and gets into it every morning.  I'm not going to lie... there have been some days we have turned over two or three days because we have forgotten on the previous days.  

We get to tell our kids about how Jesus was prefect and never disobeyed.  Nate thought that was pretty awesome.

We get to talk about how He is strong and courageous and how he used his power for good.

We also talked about lambs and Jesus, though He is powerful, chose to be innocent and gentle and offer himself as a sacrifice for our sins.

We haven't done today's yet as it was a crazy morning heading to Carson do run some errands.  I kinda am tempted to not enter another store until after Christmas...which is only 5 days away!!!


  1. Nate is left-handed on the scissors, ey?

    1. I hadn't even noticed that! Maybe he is a bit ambidextrous!