Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ornament perusal

I thought I would capture a few of my favorite memorable ornaments and share their story with you.  

This is a little elf from when I was in Jr high and even into High school where the week before Christmas, my older sister and my friend who lived behind us would be "pretend elves" leaving little goodies on other neighbors porches.  

 This is from our first Christmas together as man and wife.

A cam ornament!  If you are a rock climber, you understand.

Made when I was ??? years old in AWANA.  You can sorta see my cubbie's vest.

A fantail from our first Christmas in New Zealand.  My dear friend Annie gave this to me.  The fantail is a popular bird in NZ.

A sweet little baby carriage from Joe's "first Christmas".

Joe's grandmother used to send him (and his siblings) an ornament a year from the time he was a year old till his 18th birthday all of a similar theme, all with the year on them.  He had rocking horses and there are some really neat ones!  This one is from 1985.

Last year while we were in Texas, I actually did a Pintrest idea and made ornaments with each of my kiddo's handprints.  I love the little chubby fingers of Chloe's.

And lastly, I wanted to show you my tree skirt that my Grandpa Opp had made years ago.  It is so beautiful and completes this tree ensemble.

And just for kicks, I wanted to show you what it looked like outside as I was taking these photos yesterday.  Looks like its going to be a white Christmas after all!

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