Monday, July 30, 2012

Once upon a Saturday

Joe had a day off last Saturday so we took full advantage and enjoyed every minute with Daddy! I got away in the morning for a one-on-one with Kacee, one of Joe's day camp counselors, and then the family met me in town for a hike.  We decided to explore Van Sickle State Park which is right in town and basically has trails that run on the land that turns into "Heavenly Ski Resort" in the winter.  We took a lovely hike out to a little waterfall and enjoyed putting our feet in the cold water.

Then we grabbed a smoothie from Jamba Juice and a sandwich from Subway for lunch and took a ride on the gondola.  We didn't even stop at the top... just rode it straight up and down and enjoyed the views along the way.  Yes, we also had a chocolate cookie as you can tell from Chlo-bug's face.

Then it was nap time and Joe and I got to work on some house projects while the kids took naps... or at least stayed in their respective rooms.  :)  Then we got to attend a birthday party for a friend in our home group.  It was at the Tot Spot in town and the kids had LOADS of fun in the ball pit and playing on the trampoline.

Next we grabbed some Fasta Pasta for dinner and headed to the beach/park in town to have a picnic dinner.  Joe helped Nate collect some bugs in his new bug catcher (the party favor) while Chloe tagged along, and I caught some evening rays.  It was a lovely day.

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