Friday, December 6, 2013

Study Buddies

This fall has been more full than what I had anticipated.  It has been wonderful.. but busy!  One thing that is new this year is that I have started a preschool co-op of sorts called Study Buddies.  We meet one morning a week and the moms (or dads) rotate who is teaching each week.  We base the books, activities, songs and crafts off of the Letter of the Week and have been working our way through the alphabet.  My kids LOVE it and it has been such a blessing!

Also, I have been regularly attending and occasionally leading worship for Community Bible Study down in Carson.  It has been wonderful for my soul and the children's program is exceptional!

Here are a few photos:

The kiddos singing songs at CBS

Kids loaded up in the van with Chloe and Finn holding hands

A new train table for $8 from the local thrift store!

The leaves starting to turn colors in camp across from our house (Mind you, this was a few months ago.... its freezing and snowy out there now!  Maybe I'll catch up on the blog before the end of the year.)

A short walk to discover a new favorite place near Kiva Beach on the other side of the lake

Chloe having a tea party with Finn

Leila teaching on D is for Duck at Study Buddies

Chloe was the flag holder that day and took that job seriously

Art project

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