Monday, November 11, 2013

Monterey trip

We took a long weekend and headed down to Monterey to see my brother Peter and his wife Kimberly who moved their in July and explore Big Sur a little.  It was such a fun little getaway!

Beware: LOTS of pictures!

Packing up by folding clothes by a warm fire

There was fog covering the shoreline on the drive south, but still a beautiful drive. 

These trees aren't playing around

Tall tall trees

Our lunch stop and destination

No, that's definitely not us behind that "Danger" sign

Then on to the Pfeiffer Beach... beautiful!

Nate was highly entertained (if not a little scared) by the charging and crashing waves

Nearly naked children enjoying the waves

Yes, Uncle Pete.. you have big muscles too. :)

Big trees AND big leaves!

The magnificent view on the drive back north

A full day and two very tired kiddos looks like this

We went on a bike ride every day on the awesome little bike path along the shore through Monterey.  It's so fun to take family bike rides now that this little man is on a pedal bike!

Exciting times at the Aquarium 

And biking back. :) 

Out to watch the sunset from the nearby beach

Having fun

Not sure if you can tell, but the kids ended up almost naked... again. 

Hanging out at Lover's Point Park with my sweet friend Camilla and her two kids

The boys watching the surfers catch some mad waves

She's already chasing boys

It wears her out. :) 

Nate actually passed our in the car on the ride home right before we stopped for dinner at Chick fil a.  Slept through the entire meal but woke up in time to explore Ikea. 

Thanks Pete and Kim for a fabulous time.  We loved hanging out with you in your beautiful new location!  

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