Friday, April 26, 2013

San Francisco Trip

We took advantage of Joe having a meeting Saturday morning down in Sacramento and decided to head down to San Fran for a fun fast weekend.  We got to stay in a nice hotel (Thanks Priceline!), do our annual bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge, explore parts of San Fran that we have not seen before and visit with an old friend.  It was a 24 hours on the coast well spent!  As we were driving up the mountain back to Tahoe late Sunday night, we drove through snow.   Welcome back to the mountains! :)

Check out the photos....there are lots of them.

A verdant bloom among flowers in Sacramento

At the REI garage sale

I got to meet sweet Justin Brackett at the UC Davis hospital

Playing in the pool at our hotel

A bunch of fish

Eating spaghetti while naked

Getting ready for bed

Starting our bike ride from Golden Gate park up the West coast

Beautiful rugged coastline

Heading over the windy bridge

The troopers putting up with their crazy parents antics

A busy location for cyclists

Our third time as a family across the bridge.. SO fun!

Taking the scenic route through the Presidio and we come across this National Cemetery 

 After stopping at the Y to surprise our friend, Matt Eaton, we headed on to the Palace of Fine Arts for our picnic lunch

The thing about San Fran is that its REALLY hilly and they don't really give you a heads up when you are planning your bike route online.  We found some massive hills that my incredibly strong hubs got to pull the 70+ pound weight up.  

On this one crazy hill, we had the kids get out and walk.  

A lovely park at Alamo Square

The "pink ladies" from Full House

Enjoying the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park at the end of our ride

 Kisses for mommy

A really neat place

Just a random waterfall in the park we biked past.  

Off to meet Matt to climb the Filbert Stairs up to Coit Tower

The vegetation was seriously amazing the whole way up

And when I say up... I mean approximately 380 stairs up!

Totally worth it though and I would definitely do it again!

On the way back down we took the Greenwich steps... and we came across a punch of parrots in the trees! 

 Gorgeous views

Just so you have a visual of the first section

Then it was off on a walk to Pier 39 for dinner... Nate on his bike and Chloe with her stroller

She likes to stop to stand on the flowers to watch the water features

 Lovely spring in bloom on our walk along the streets

Checking out the seals


Matt and Chloe

Levi's Plaza was awesome.  One of the neatest water features I've ever seen.  

We left pretty late and needless to say, the kids conked out!

Until next time San Francisco!!!

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