Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Grammie's visit

My mom was able to come out for a week or so on the tail end of her visit to Vegas to meet her new grand baby. (My brother Ben and his wife Rhi had their first-born, Isaac, the beginning of March.) We had a blast playing with Grammie while she was here.

Check out the photos...
"Helping" Grammie in the kitchen

Drop biscuits and sausage gravy!  YUM!



Hike to Emerald Bay

Lower Eagle Falls for lunch

We just decided to blaze our own trail on the way up and walk close to the waterfall.  Grammie talking to the helicopter flying by, "Come pick me and my grand kids up and leave those two crazys!"

Almost to the top!

Putting on her panty hose for church. :)

Besties in Sunday School

Bouldering around at camp

Grammie was in sandals so she just took them off and climbed on the rocks in her socks. :)

While climbing over big rocks, Nate kept one hand on his trekking pole and the other enjoying a lollipop.  

Lovely spring skiing at Diamond Peak

The kids love wearing their swimming suits after going swimming with Grammie one day at the indoor pool down in Minden.  

Easter Egg Hunt at Kahle

Me and my sweeties

Checking out the fire truck!

On your mark, get set, GO!

Going through the loot

Being so still while he gets his face painted and Chloe looking on intently

Her turn

We know we are beautiful

Hey, your nose is painted too!

Books before naptime

Thanks for coming out mom.  We loved having you!!!

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