Saturday, October 26, 2013

Potholes hike

I love getting to explore new hikes and places and we got to see several this summer.  Its amazing how this is our fourth summer living in Tahoe and there is still so many new places to see and explore!  

We headed down highway 88 towards Kirkwood and enjoyed a small hike to the "Potholes".  We went with a few acquaintances from church and since it was only about a mile out, the kids both hiked it themselves.  We had been holed up for over a week because of all the smoke from the Yosemite Rim Fire, and even though it was still incredibly smokey, there were still great views to be hard.  And thankfully neither of my kids has asthma.  I also forgot to bring sweaters for myself and the kiddos but one of the ladies we were with had an extra hat and scarf.  Its one of those things I should be used to by now from living in Tahoe... ALWAYS BRING A SWEATSHIRT! Even in the middle of summer.  

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