Friday, September 27, 2013

Aunt KJ's visit!

We were super excited to have Aunt KJ come for a visit!  It is so wonderful to have sisters (and Aunts)!

A hike out to Castle Rock

Getting to ride horses with my friend Kim

Gig 'em Ags

Katie babysat for an evening so Joe and I could have a date night at the Sand Harbor stage!

Even with the rain, we had a great time playing at Chimney Beach

Cuddles with Aunt Katie

We got to ride horses TWICE as I also had bought a Groupon deal for riding lessons in Gardnerville.  

And a coffee date :)

Watching a gorgeous sunset

Thanks for coming out Katie.  It was wonderful to have you here and a joy and a blessing to get to share a little piece of life with you.  The kids missed you for days to come after you left.  Don't be a stranger! :)

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