Friday, June 29, 2012

Potty Training

I am smack dab in the middle of this next challenge of parenting... potty training.  I have put it off for as long as I could, but Nate now refuses to wear a diaper, so I think he might be ready.  I know that boys can take a bit longer than girls as well so we are digging in and hoping it doesn't take TOO long.  He did ok the first couple of days... lots of wet underwear and one occasion of going poop outside on some rocks, but fairly good.  Then he had an awesome day with hardly an accident!  Then this morning it was accident after accident... including poop which is not fun to clean up.  So I squared my shoulders, got up off the floor from crying (just kidding) and we went to Walmart for more incitives other than just fruit loops.  We got some match box cars.  He will get one when he goes poop in the potty.  I've heard one of the best things is just to let him run around outside naked.. which we have done a bit of as well.

It is just exhausting work to have to be ready at all times.... and my bathroom smells like urine... and I just cleaned it.  What do you recommend?  Any ideas that I can try to make this a faster or easier transition?  

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  1. I just heard this one, so might work? A friend of a friend potty-trained her boy by setting an automatic alarm on her phone for every 50 minutes. When it goes off, she announces "stop and go" - meaning to stop and go sit on the potty. If he asks politely, she will delay for 5 minutes. Worked for her in 2 days - but everyone child is different! Good luck!!! (and ask mom about the urine smell...I don't think it goes away)
    - Katie